Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface Release Date and Price

 Release Date and Price
Currently, Surface draw enough attention to the fans of tablet, although Surface will not be available in store for the near future because the company declared that it would take a long time to design it. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not ready to share detailed information about the actual launch and pricing for the Surface at this time, but Microsoft executives said that this device will be sold at a price that competes with the device in the same class.
The ARM model is said to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet and will be available in stores along with Windows 8 launches. While the Intel model will be slightly more expensive, with prices comparable to prices of Ultrabook-class PCs, which means it will be more expensive than a traditional laptop. Intel models will be available 90 days after the ARM-based Surface is available in stores. If we read carefully, it will be seen that the Windows RT will be very affordable version, but if you want Office 15 and other facilities on Windows 8, then you should set up more money to get it.

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